boy meets boy princess

art by glockgal!

So I have been a fan of glockgal's FOREVER, right, and a little while ago she opened her queue up for a limited number of commissions, so I had to jump in. And make her draw thegaystarfish characters (AS I DO). She posted it today and it is seriously ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and I am so happy with it. You should check it out too! It's absolutely incredible! I already said that but I don't care! GO LOOK! :D

Link to picture! Frank/Gerard, moopverse. Safe for work.

boy meets boy princess


HELLO hello hello! So two weeks ago in the final chapter of thegaystarfish there was a very unsubtle (we don't do subtle here! no room for subtle!) hint to go check out another livejournal community. It wasn't actually an offshoot or sequel, but a secret contest, and I am here to announce the winners!

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You can check out all of the contest entrants here, and you should, because they are all AMAZING. Winners, if you could please comment here with an email address so I can contact you to get your shipping address for your prizes, that would be awesome! And since I had SUCH a hard time picking winners for this one, everybody who entered the contest gets a free doodle snail mailed to them of the character of their choice. Comment here with your email too! :)

Thanks guys! You are wonderful. ♥
boy meets boy princess

thegaystarfish fanart!

You guys! You guyyyyys. Check out quimvaa's fanart she did for Book Two, which you can see here (the third picture in the post). Frank/Gerard, safe for work.

It is amazing! She has the coolest style ever! I CAN'T STOP STARING AT THEIR HANDS. Anyway, go check it out! Ahhh, seriously, I am so happy, fanart is so A+ awesome. ♥

(status update: last chapter is penciled but inking is taking forever. SOMEONE COME HELP ME INK. :|)
boy meets boy princess

not a comic (but not dead yet)

I want you guys to know that the .08 seconds of googling I did to make sure that gelato was actually around in the vague 1700's (.08 seconds of googling tells me that indeed it was, go go ~gelato) remains the most amount of historical research I have ever actually done for this comic. WHAT, you say, I AM COMPLETELY SHOCKED.

Anyway, I'm gearing up for the last chapter (what will I do afterwards! who even knows!) and it's been so long I'm trying to get back into a gay starfish kind of mind. So here is a random doodle. Frank/Gerard, set sometime between the first and second book, during one of the times Frank dragged Gerard back to land to visit his parents or something.

I honestly don't know how to rate something like this. Uhm, it's work-safe but there's some innuendo? :D?

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boy meets boy princess

moop statue and boy princess/italian gentleman's son earrings!

I just got back from a little vacation (thanks for the pizza and cupcakes, Chicago!) and along the way I got to meet a bunch of really awesome people. This also included getting to make grabby hands at keraha along the way (I FANGIRL HER SO HARD JSYK). She is the one who made the Frank and Gerard statues that some of you guys asked about that were in the background of the nerdy raffle spam post, which you can see better here and here. She surprised me with a little moop statue and a pair of moopverse earrings and they are the CUTEST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. I am not nearly so awesome so I had no idea she was going to be so generous so I repaid her with crappy doodles of Frank fangirling her and a naked dancing robot. Classiest~!

Moving on! Here are some pictures. I practically cradled the little Moop to my chest to make sure he didn't get broken on the plane ride home (and he didn't! Hooray!).


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p.s. iamsupernova showed me this picture of a top that is TOTALLY Lyn-Z the Lionfish's style. Om nom.
boy meets boy princess

pictures for the raffle drawing winners!

Hooray! The pictures for the raffle drawing winners are all bundled up and on their way to the mail slot. I don't usually post raffle pictures but I had a LOT of fun with these. I love love love working in ink. I hope you guys like them too!

Remember, winners, if you don't want to see yours before it comes to you in the mail be sure to skip this post! Your picture will be hopefully be there (su)soon! :)

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The next month is looking a little crazy on the RL end so there might be another bit of a wait before the final chapter. I figured you guys are pretty used to ridiculous waits between chapters by this point, though, hahaha. One of these days I'll get it together! Thanks, as always, for your patience. ♥
boy meets boy princess

rrrrrrrrrrrrraffle drawing winners!


Gerard: hiiiiiiiiii
Frank: hiiiiiii
Gerard: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Frank: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Gerard: wasn't there something we were supposed to do today?
Frank: probably. i can't remember. your tiny moss suit onesie is just so freakin' adorable
Gerard: well your tiny buckles are adorable
Frank: no your face
Gerard: no YOUR face

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