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Note: LJ currently doesn't have a way for me to Date Out of Order this entry so it sticks at the top and I am apparently very picky about sidebars (enough to not get one), soooo I am just going to post this and then link to it from the userinfo and the information box at the top of the layout.

Book One
Chapter One: The Meeting
Chapter Two: The Bubble Palace
Chapter Three: The Dinner
Chapter Four: The Friends
Chapter Five: The Knight
Chapter Six: The End

Book Two
Chapter One: The Problem
Chapter Two: The Delegates
Chapter Three: The Carnival

Miscellaneous Artwork
Ink doodle of Frank, Gerard, and the starfish, and a watercolor picture of Frank and the starfish.
Pen doodle of Frank, Gerard, and some very earnest leeches.
Tub Cuddles! Frank/Gerard, watercolor.
Thank you artwork for clayeer.
Lineart and color for Book One's front cover.
Thank you artwork for keraha.
Frank/Gerard artwork for the third placeysosrsbandom winner candidlily.
Lyn-Z of the Lionfish.
Fast motion drawing of Gerard and Frank!

Icons by carnilia
Book One, Chapters Five and Six icons by turlough
Icons from all of Book One by lucentvictrola
10 icons from Book Two, Chapter One by turlough
Book Two, Chapter Three icons by mcee
Icons by spuzz

Frank and Gerard under the sea by clayeer. (SFW)
Brian/Bob gruff luv by clayeer. (SFW)
Frank/Gerard which way is up OH GOD by reflectedeve. (SFW)

maybe the sea by stereomer. Panic gen.
Sculpey Frank, Gerard, and starfish (with a cameo by Brian) by codenamepancake
Plushies! by poseys_demise
Lol omg tattooooo by cheshire_cat94

If you've made anything (especially icons, I have totally misplaced all of the links to icon posts) and I missed it and you would like me to include them in this sticky post, please just comment here with the link. Thanks, guys!
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