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his name was susoon, amen.
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Once upon a time there was Gerard : the Boy Princess of the Ocean and Frank : the 1700's Italian Gentleman's Son Who Loved Him. Shenanigans ensued.

Disclaimer: Don't Google yourself (and don't take it seriously). This story is a complete pack of lies. The relationships and characters within are played around with for fun and have absolutely no bearing on the real-life facts or lives of any person or squid who may possibly share the same name. Moop Moop, for one, always asks before kidnapping. It's only polite.

Rating/Warnings: Occasional strong language, squids (but no roaming tentacles), mutant octohorse babies, terrible sexual innuendoes, and boys being stupid.

Please do not give copies of this comic, artwork from this comic, or links to this comic to anyone involved in either the bands or the real life scene. This is not for them, it's for fandom and it's for fun. I'd like to keep it that way as long as possibly possible. Thanks, guys. ♥
bandom, barnacle mustaches, being ridiculous, bubble palaces, creepy lurking jellyfish, doot doot doot, i shan't, king of the squids, let me love you!, let's make you frankulous~!, little gay starfish: haaaay~!, lord of the narwhals, mcr, micron pens, mikey the disenchanted seahorse, moooooooooooooop!, moop moop, moss suit onesies, motherfucking flashbacks, motherfucking montages, mutant octohorse babies, narration!scroll box/starfish, octopus hickeys, ryro: fashionable street urchin, the barnacles smile back, the gay starfish, the timeless emo swoop, tiny little breeches bows, tub cuddles, very expressive eyebrows

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